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What is Tars?

Tars comes from the robot in Interstellar movie. Tars is a high-performance RPC framework based on name service and Tars protocol, also integrated administration platform, and implemented hosting-service via flexible schedule.

Tars, aka TAF(Total Application Framework), has been used in Tencent since 2008. It supports C++,Java,Nodejs and php for now. This framework offers a set of solution for development, maintenance and testing, which making develop, deploy and testing service efficiently. It integrated extensible protocol for encoding/decoding, high-performance RPC communication framework, name service, monitor, statistics and configuration. You can use it to develop your reliable distributed application based on microservice fast, and reach fully efficient service management.

Nowadays it’s used by hundreds of bussiness in Tencent, services that developed base on TAF run on 16 thousands of machines.

See the detailed introduction

Supported platforms

For now it supports OS as below:

Supported languages

For now it supports following languages:


Directory Features
framework Source code implementation of C++ language framework basic service
cpp C++ language framework rpc source code implementation
java java language framework rpc source code implementation
go go language framework rpc source code implementation
nodejs nodejs language framework rpc source code implementation
php php language framework rpc source code implementation
tup source code implementation of tup group protocol in each language
web manage tars web source implementation
docker build tars docker script


The open-source protocol Tars used is BSD-3-Clause, see


If you meet any problems never found in historical issues, please submit one!

If you find any bugs or get any new ideas, please submit PR!

Note: Before you submit PR, please check whether you signed CLA!!